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  • MDQX-I Cleaning Machine of Sampling Barrel-Jingzhou Mind Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.-Jingzhou Mind Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Oilfield Energy Conservation

    MDQX-I Cleaning Machine of Sampling Barrel

    MDQX-I Cleaning Machine of Sampling Barrel


    Jingzhou Mind Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.




















    1. Overview
        In combination with the actual needs of oil production plant, MDQX-I cleaning machine of sampling barrel is a new-type product specially designed for oil production crew to clean the sampling barrel. The product has a short cleaning time, high cleaning efficiency and high automation degree during the cleaning. Moreover, it is environment-friendly without adding any detergent. This product can hugely alleviate the labor intensity, reduce working time, and lower labor cost.


    2. Product Features
       . Short cleaning time, high cleaning efficiency;
       . Environment-friendly without adding any detergent;
       . Easy to operate and convenient to install;
       . High automation degree, which can clean fine sampling barrels at the same time.


    3. Technical Parameters
       . Setting range of cleaning temperature: 20℃~80℃
       . Setting range of cleaning time: 0~60min
       . Cleaning mode: powerful flush + hot water + auto gyration of barrel
       . Oil-water separation method: settling separation + filtration
       . Washing number at one time: five
       . Power source specification: 380V/20A (three-phase four-wire system)